Update to PayWithEther allows your customers to use any wallet!


Finally. The feature we’ve all been waiting for.

For the first iteration of PayWithEther, we wanted to do something which would make our lives as simple as possible (so we could ship a product ASAP), but also try to ensure that it could fail in as few cases as possible. In order to meet those goals, we decided to go with using a transaction reference to identify each payment uniquely.

However, this meant that when customers were paying for orders, they were required to send their funds from a wallet which allowed adding extra data to their transaction. This meant no Coinbase/Jaxx/Bread and almost every other mobile wallet or exchange.


Due to a brainwave on the part of one of my friends (actually quite a few months ago now, I’m ashamed to admit), we figured out that we could incorporate a unique transaction ID into the payment amount! Success!

So from now on, if you’re using the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin (1.3.0),  your customers won’t be required to enter a transaction reference. They will still see it on the transaction page (by default), and that’s because our API will still check for it, so if they get the transaction amount a little bit wrong but still manage to add the reference, the API should pick up on it and let your store know.

If you’re not using the WooCommerce plugin and instead you’re using the API, there are a few non-breaking changes, so head over to the API docs to read about those.

Can’t tell you how happy I am that this is finally here, I hope that it enables more people to see the value in what we’re offering, especially considering we don’t take any transaction fees. We’ve seen some pretty large transactions go through PWE, at no extra cost to the merchant. Process as much or as little as you like. If you’d like to test it out for free – click on my face over there and ask for a trial, I’ll dig you out a key 🙂

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